Charleston Marathon, South Carolina

A month ago I ran my first marathon of this year. I haven’t gotten a chance to write about it until now; it’s been a bit busy with work, studying for my actuarial… Continue reading

Run2BuildSchools – 2018 Marathons

Happy New Year! I wish you all a peaceful, joyful and wonderful New Year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible help for the last three years. I could… Continue reading

My Favorite Marathons & Books of 2017

This year I ran 10 marathons for kids and schools, read 10 books, helped build a school in Senegal, (West Africa) and raised $88,721 for education. I’m so incredibly grateful for your support,… Continue reading

Rehoboth Beach Marathon, Delaware

Last Saturday I ran my last marathon of the year and I completed my “10 for 10 campaign” – 10 marathons for $10 donations for schools. We’ve raised almost $90,000 so far this… Continue reading

Senegal – Breaking ground on our 2nd school

Two weeks ago our team came back from Senegal, where we helped build another school. It was one of the most surreal and rewarding experiences of my life. It almost feels impossible to… Continue reading

Route 66 Marathon – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Last Sunday, I ran my 9th marathon of 2017 and 19th overall since I embarked on the journey to run marathons around the world and build schools for kids, 3 years ago. Thank… Continue reading

Thank you, Tripling Elephants!

TRIPLING ELEPHANTS, you did it again!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your $10,000 donation! I am off to Tulsa, Oklahoma to run another marathon; it is my 19th marathon since I started run2buildschools… Continue reading

Run2BuildSchools Team – Senegal 2017

This is it – our team is off to Senegal, West Africa, to help build another school! We’re all so excited to meet the children, work along with the community, celebrate our cultures,… Continue reading

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Last weekend I ran my 18th marathon in Detroit, Michigan. We raised almost $4,000 for kids and schools!! Thank you everyone for your donations and love. I could never do it without your… Continue reading

Franconian Switzerland Marathon

Last weekend I ran my 17th marathon for kids and schools. I raised almost $1000 and we are now only $5600 away from raising enough funds to build 7 schools! ❤ ❤ ❤… Continue reading