Thank you Donors!

I’m so happy to finally share this cute project on my blog! This is dedicated to my wonderful donors.

It will be on the main page of my site and updated constantly with new donor names!

THANK YOU so much dear Donors for your donations to run2buildschools! ❤

IMG_1118_blog1Thank you Mom and Dad!

IMG_1586_blog1Thank you Alex, Victor and Vlad!

IMG_6487_blog1 Thank you Cristina and Radu!

IMG_6393_AIG_retouched_BLOG1Thank you AIG for your double matching gifts!

IMG_6421_BLOGThank you Anca!

IMG_6400_blog1Thank you Aunt Syl!

IMG_1392_blog1Thank you Uncle Brian!

IMG_6374_blog1Thank you Michael!

IMG_6364_blog1Thank you Susana!

IMG_6289_blog1Thank you Anonymous!

IMG_6700_blog1Thank you Sonia and Kevin!

IMG_6325_blog1Thank you Amy!

IMG_6283_blog1Thank you Kelly!

IMG_0639_blog1Thank you Kymian!

IMG_6643_blog1Thank you Brian!

IMG_6432_BLOG_victoriaThank you Victoria!

IMG_6805_blog1Thank you Edi!

IMG_6385_blog1Thank you Lisa and Eric!

IMG_6506._blog1_DaveThank you Dave!

IMG_6514_blog1_adrianaThank you Adriana!

IMG_6522_blog1_ramonThank you Ramon!

IMG_6527_blog1_julieThank you Julie!

IMG_6537_blog1_TWThank you Terrence!

IMG_6547_blog1_angelaThank you Angela!

IMG_6560_blog1_hollyThank you Holly!

IMG_6578_blog1_witThank you Wit!

IMG_6621_blog1_jessicaThank you Jessica!

IMG_6633_blog1_carolynThank you Carolyn!

IMG_6659_blog1_otiliaThank you Otilia!

IMG_6668_blog1_marcelaThank you Marcela!

IMG_6450_BLOG1Thank you Kiana!

IMG_6675_blog1_arvenaThank you Arveena!

IMG_6694_blog1_yuliaThank you Yuliya!

IMG_6680_blog1Thank you Shaina!

IMG_6688_blog1Thank you Paul!

IMG_6785_blog1Thank you Lindsey!

IMG_6706_blog1Thank you Sanjana!

IMG_6710_blog1Thank you Alan!

IMG_6734_blog1Thank you Yi!

IMG_6749_blog1Thank you Josy!

IMG_6763_blog1Thank you Ricky!

IMG_6767_blog1Thank you Truly!

IMG_6778_blog1Thank you Alisson!

IMG_6811_blog1Thank you Lauren!

IMG_6818_blog1Thank you Daniel!

IMG_6823_blog1Thank you Sandy!

IMG_6826_blog1Thank you Brian!

IMG_6442_BLOG1Thank you Nancy!

IMG_6458_BLOG1Thank you Asha and Andrew!

IMG_6466_BLOG1Thank you Annabella!

IMG_6311_blog1Thank you Coach Asteria and Coach Sid!

IMG_6317_blog1Thank you Andrea!

IMG_1511_blog1Thank you Lucy!

IMG_1651_blog1Thank you Andre!

IMG_6478_blog1Thank you Kevin!

IMG_6481_blog1Thank you Cristina!

IMG_6725_blog1_lisaThank you Lisa!

IMG_6519_blog1Thank you GraceAnn!

IMG_6504_blog1_tudorThank you Tudor!

IMG_6333_blog1Thank you Coach Simon!

IMG_6356_blog1Thank you Bruce!

IMG_6371_blog1Thank you Mim!

IMG_6379_blog1Thank you Cora!

IMG_6270_blog1Thank you Ann!

IMG_6280_blog1Thank you Rosalina!

IMG_6599_blog1Thank you Robin!

IMG_6589_blog1Thank you Gail!