Aldea las Rosas School, Guatemala 2019

I am so happy to share that our school in Aldea las Rosas, Guatemala is now up and running. 146 students (82 boys and 64 girls) are attending classes! I couldn’t have done… Continue reading

Gogo School, Malawi 2019

Last year our team went to Malawi to help build our 5th school. This school was built in honor of my dear friend, Jose. It celebrates his life on Earth and our beautiful… Continue reading

4 Marathons, 4 States in 4 Days

Last year, in December, I ran the Four Corners Quad marathons. It was brutal but we raised over $3000 for kids and schools. Thank you so much for all the donations, it means… Continue reading

Happy 5th Birthday, Run2BuildSchools!

Happy 5th Birthday Run2BuildSchools! Tomorrow I’m off to Malawi to help build another school. It’s perfect timing -Run2BuildSchools is turning 5 today and we’re about to build our 5th school in a village… Continue reading

Timisoara Marathon

Two weeks ago I ran my 37th marathon for kids and schools. I ran in Timisoara, my hometown in Romania. It was a special race, I had the cutest supporters – my mom… Continue reading

Malawi Team – School Nr. 5

Next Saturday we are off to Malawi to help build another school! I am so happy to introduce you to our Malawi team! 🇲🇼 ❤ Meet Kelly, my dear friend who ran Berlin… Continue reading

Morgantown Marathon

Last weekend I drove to West Virginia to run my 36th marathon for schools. It was such a great road trip, I loved driving through “the Mountain State” and listening to the beautiful… Continue reading

Burkina Faso – School No. 3

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I am so happy to share that our third school in Burkina Faso has been up and running since January of this… Continue reading

One week, today.

Today I walked 15 miles to reach Jose’s accident site at 12:25pm. I couldn’t run, my heart was too shattered. At approximately 12:30pm today last week, the accident took place. I was glad… Continue reading

Change is On – Please Sign My Petition to NYC Department of Transportation

I started a petition addressed to NYC Department of Transportation. After the tragic and sudden death of my dearest friend, Jose Alzorriz, I realize how unsafe our city is. Coney Island Avenue in… Continue reading