Malawi Team – School Nr. 5

Next Saturday we are off to Malawi to help build another school!
I am so happy to introduce you to our Malawi team! πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ό ❀

Kelly BerlinMeet Kelly, my dear friend who ran Berlin marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes.
She is my favorite champion! πŸ’™
Kelly has been incredibly supportive throughout the years. My gratitude is beyond words. She is a veteran in building schools. We traveled to Nepal and built our 1st school together. Her passions are running, biking and helping others.
I love you, Kelly! Thank you so much for everything. ❀️

Kiana End BLOGMeet Kiana and her cute little admirers! ❀️
Kiana joined me in Senegal and helped build our 2nd school.
She is a bio-engineering professor at Claremont University, a co-founder of Nanosens InnovationsΒ and a consultant for Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
Kiana is a STEM hero, in my book πŸ™‚

image1(1).jpegMeet Elaine, this is her first time joining our school trek.
Her passions are hiking, cycling, snowboarding and camping. She is a registered nurse in NYC, loves her job and has always wanted to travel and help others. You have a meaningful profession, Elaine, you help others every day.
I am grateful you are joining us. ❀️

Sandra Climb Final SketchI was studying for an actuarial exam but drawing seemed more fun. After the school, I decided to spend one more week in Malawi and explore this beautiful country. I am hoping by Thanksgiving to reach Saptiwa summit on Mulanje Massif. I will then be higher than anybody else in Central Africa.

I also drew a map of Africa for my mom and dad so they can see where Malawi is. I sent it to my niece and nephew too. They learnt about the Big Five animals, Nile and Kilimanjaro. Malawi is often called “The Warm Heart of Africa”, which says nothing about its location, but everything about the people who call it home.
I can’t wait to meet its people and learn about their cultures and traditions.

Thank you so much for your continuous support!
I love you all. πŸ™‚ ❀