Morgantown Marathon

Last weekend I drove to West Virginia to run my 36th marathon for schools.
It was such a great road trip, I loved driving through “the Mountain State” and listening to the beautiful Appalachian folk music. West Virginia is a marvelous land of natural beauty. High country, mirrored lakes, red and white oak trees, are gifts the locals called “Almost Heaven.”

The marathon was in Morgantown, a fun little town close to the Cheat Canyon. I definitely want to go back one day and explore more the area. Even though I was only for two days, I could feel the richness of the Appalachian culture reflected in the handcrafted artwork, locally grown food (I loved it so much!), music and festivals.

The marathon was hard…for me, at least. High elevations, lots of steep hills and high 80s weather. But I’m glad to say that I finished it. 🙂 I walked last 4 miles and met this wonderful young lady with her father, running their 14th marathon together. Their goal is to run a marathon in each state together. I was so impressed and heart-warmed by their story.

MorgantownI love this medal, it was made by veterans. Throughout the marathon, each mile was dedicated to a war veteran. I thought it was so special. ❤
This was my 25th state, 25 more to go and I will be a marathoner in each state. Woohoo! I’m planning to take my time with the other 25 states.
I’m fine running in my 80s as well. 😉

IMG_6364One of my biggest joys when I travel is reading. I got this book from my dearest friend, Jose who passed away last month. 😦 There is not a day passing by that I don’t think of him. ❤
I finished reading the book over the marathon weekend. I thought how much I would have loved to discuss it with Jose. I think this is a great book, the author takes a hard, complex issue such as modern liberalism and makes it easier to understand and digest.

My next marathon is one month away, in my hometown in Romania. I can’t wait to see my parents again and run my first ever marathon back home. It will be special. ❤