Burkina Faso – School No. 3

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I am so happy to share that our third school in Burkina Faso has been up and running since January of this year. Last year in November I traveled to Burkina Faso and helped build another school. On my way there, I first went to Senegal and visited our second school. I also saw Mariam and her family. ❤

After Senegal, I flew out to Burkina Faso and started working on our third school. The work was not easy but I enjoyed it so much.

Below are some pictures from both Senegal and Burkina. It’s such an amazing feeling going through the pictures and uploading them on my blog. So many wonderful memories and precious friendships I have made. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

To all the donors and everyone who has helped me, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Our schools would never have been possible without your immense generosity and kindness. I love you all and I am deeply grateful for all your help. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_7696Our school in Senegal. This is our second school, built in 2017.
We built our first school in Nepal in 2016.

IMG_5204Senegal, by our donor plaque at the entrance of the school.
For each school we build, I donate a donor plaque to the community. Once the school is up and running, the plaque is placed at the entrance of the school. This is my way of showing my gratitude to everyone who is making my dream possible.
Also, I share with the community that the school is possible because of all the wonderful people around the world who donate and believe in a better world.

IMG_4520Mariam and I in 2017.
I first met Mariam and her siblings in 2017 when I traveled to Senegal. I fell in love with Mariam. Last year I went back to visit her and her family.

IMG_4532Mariam and I a year later in 2018. ❤

After Senegal, I traveled to Burkina Faso. Below are pictures from Boulpece, Burkina.

IMG_5219Old school vs. our new school. What a difference. ❤

Their smiles melt my heart.

The beginning.

I enjoyed so much working alongside the women. They taught me how to carry heavy rocks without hurting my back. We had a lot of fun too.

Team work. ❤
Those rocks were so heavy.


Ladies Burkina

 I love this picture.

Children at the closing ceremony. Everyone was so excited!
Those smiles. ❤

IMG_4701I donated a new donor plaque to the school director.
It’s now up at the entrance of our school. So many donors contributed to this school. ❤

I made wonderful new friends.

IMG_0894 copy

Every time I travel for schools I am amazed with all the women I meet. They are resilient, hard workers, smart, incredibly kind, they have forged a strong bond through the challenges of life.



I can’t tell you how many times I kissed this sweet little hand. ❤

Justine and Mariette. Oh how I love them both. ❤

I lived in a small little hut. I enjoyed it so much; it was peaceful and I loved my little space under the mosquito net.

When I got back to US, Anca’s family was at the airport waiting for me. It was so nice to see the kids; made me emotional and very happy.  ❤

This summer we built our 4th school in Guatemala. 15 high school students from California helped build the school. Also, this November I will be traveling to Malawi for our 5th school. I can’t wait to share both stories with you all.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continuous support and love. It means the world to me. ❤