One week, today.

Today I walked 15 miles to reach Jose’s accident site at 12:25pm. I couldn’t run, my heart was too shattered. At approximately 12:30pm today last week, the accident took place. I was glad to see that all of the flowers and pictures were still there from the memorial vigil on Wednesday. I also saw some fresh flowers too, which made me realize more people had come to honor him. ❤️

I stopped by the bakery across the street from the accident. The employees at Sesame tried to help Jose by lifting the SUV off of him. If you happen to be in the area, stop by, buy a bagel, support their business. 💙

I am stunned to see how many signatures we’ve gotten so far.
I can’t thank you enough. I love you.


PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU, keep sharing the petition, this will bring about changes to improve the safety of our streets. Here it is.

While I was there today, I saw so many cars speeding again. It made me sad and even angry. Coney Island Avenue desperately needs to be redesigned and we need to let our local officials know that we are paying attention and demand immediate action. We deserve safe streets and we can’t afford to lose any more of our loved ones.

I love you, Jose. I miss you dearly. ❤