Charleston Marathon, South Carolina

A month ago I ran my first marathon of this year. I haven’t gotten a chance to write about it until now; it’s been a bit busy with work, studying for my actuarial exam, and training for Antarctica.

The marathon was in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is such a pretty town; full of charm and friendly people. The palmetto palm-lined avenues, colorful antebellum houses and cobblestone streets captivated my heart.
What I love about the marathon, besides the scenery, weather and flat course, is that ALL proceeds benefit Engaging Creative Minds which provides supports to arts programming in Charleston public schools.


I love reading when I travel. My first book of the year was “The Road to Character” by David Brooks. A powerful book, it feels like it could be a profound commencement speech.


My social media post before the race. I tried quite hard to get this shot 😉

Charleston_2_BLOGHow pretty is the medal!

Thank you everyone for your donations! We raised almost $1000 for kids and schools. ❤
I will keep running until we raise enough money to build 10 schools. And we’re so close!!! Thank you you all for your support.