Training for Chicago Marathon with someone special!

Training for Chicago Marathon while in vacation is awesome! I get to run with my father whom I love dearly! ❤

After Iceland Marathon, I flew to Timisoara, my hometown, spent couple of days there recovering and then my parents and I started our road trip through Europe. We are visiting Hungary, Austria and Germany. It’s been amazing couple of days next to my favorite souls on Earth – my mom and dad. ❤

This past weekend was simply perfect. I did my long run (20km ~12.5miles) with my father.

Here are few pictures:


IMG_5320I miss my hometown sometimes so much!  I left when I was 21 years old. I moved to United States. It’s such a beautiful and charming city! It is a candidate to become the European Capital of Culture.


IMG_5182_RetouchedFather and I at a soccer game played by our hometown soccer team, Poli. We LOVE Poli!



IMG_5153Me with my new haircut!


IMG_5236I am going to miss my early morning runs with my father. He can’t really run (so cute!) so he was biking while I was running right behind him. Every day though, he came out with me and made sure I was safe and getting my miles in. ❤


IMG_5190Running through Central Park along Bega River. Dad is in front of me biking.

IMG_5202 Bega River – so beautiful!

IMG_5196Beautiful purple flowers along my runs.

IMG_5257My dad and I finished running/biking 20km! We were both so happy. I took my parents out to restaurant after this and had my favorite Romanian dish.

IMG_5269Corn cream with cheese and sour cream. So good!!!


This week we started our road trip. I love every second of it. I’m with my parents traveling, sharing memories, and love. Simply perfect! ❤

Austria_Blog1 Me in Vienna, Austria. Such a beautiful city! I’d just finished running 6 mile.

I don’t know if it’s because I am with my parents and I am very happy but my training has been great here. I do amazing times and don’t feel pain or tired at all. Fingers crossed I will be OK until November after the NYC marathon. Two more marathons for this year: Chicago and New York! So exciting!!!

Sending love and happy thoughts to everyone!