Rehoboth Beach Marathon, Delaware

Last Saturday I ran my last marathon of the year and I completed my “10 for 10 campaign” – 10 marathons for $10 donations for schools. We’ve raised almost $90,000 so far this year. This money will help us build 3 more schools!!! I am forever grateful to my donors and everyone who has been supporting my dream. Sincerely, THANK YOU! ❤

Running 10 marathons a year is challenging; all the planning, traveling back and forth, getting home late Sundays and going to work on Mondays, the travel expenses, the physical injuries, and the mental exhaustion took a toll on me. But despite it all, I would NEVER regret it for one second – as a matter of fact, I would do it all over again! The joys of building schools for children have far passed all the sacrifices I’ve made. My dream and vision might be challenging, but the rewards are utterly immeasurable!

I was so fortunate to have had my two favorite people, Coach Asteria and Coach Sid, joining me to Delaware last weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion for my 20th marathon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart coaches for your love and unwavering support. Thank you for driving me to Delaware, taking such good care of me, and being out there cheering me on, giving me hugs and running with me.
I love you dearly, and I am blessed to have you in my life. ❤ ❤ ❤

Here are a few pictures!

Delaware Marathon 1I used this picture to promote my “10 for 10” campaign on social media. 10 stands for my 10th marathons of the year and for kindly suggesting $10 donations for schools.
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s donated. There is no small donation, every single dollar counts and it impacts lives! I believe in that with all my heart.

Delaware Maratho 13.jpgCoach Asteria cooked amazing dinner before the marathon – salmon with beets, carrots, celery and avocado salad, corn and home potatoes.  Yum! Coach Sid said if this doesn’t get me through 26 miles, then nothing else will.  🙂 Thank you, Coach Asteria for cooking delicious and healthy dinner for us. I enjoyed learning cooking tips from you and sharing stories about our families and cultures. ❤

Delaware Marathon 11.jpgCoach Sid and I right before the race started. ❤
My coach inspires me SO MUCH. At 78 years old, Coach Sid can run a mile in 7 minutes! He is one of the most loving, caring, funny and healthy people I’ve ever met. His love for life and people are contagious. The way he interacts and approaches people are heartwarming and humbling. Coach Sid loves EVERYONE.
I love you, Coach Sid!

Delaware Marathon 10.jpgThe morning of the race – such a beautiful sunrise. Coach Asteria took this picture.
Early morning was chilly out, but later the weather warmed up and it was just perfect for the marathon.

Delaware Marathon 4
The course is flat and really beautiful! It starts right on the boardwalk at sunrise. There are beautiful views while running on the paved roads and a little on the beach.

Delaware Marathon 7

Delaware Marathon 2

Delaware Marathon 8

So pretty, I saw lots of seagulls!

Delaware Marahton 5

Delaware Marathon 3

Delaware Marathon 12.jpgCoach Asteria and I at mile 10. I love this picture so much! ❤

Delaware Marthon 9Mile 22 – Coach Asteria ran with me the last 4 miles and we finished together!
Thank you Coach Asteria! I was so happy to run next to you. Thank you for pacing me and keeping me energized. You inspire me so much with the work you do in Bolivia and all the children you help in your homeland. I sure hope one day I can join you there and reciprocate all the help and love you have given me throughout the years.
I love you, Coach Asteria! ❤

Delaware Marathon 13
❤ ❤ ❤

Delaware Marathon 6Coaches and I after the race back at the hotel.

Thank you again to my coaches for your love and support. Our weekend was so much fun, full of love and lots of laughs. I will treasure this memory with every beat of my heart. Thank you donors for your generosity and continuous support. Thank you my family and friends for your love and kindness. I am grateful to you all.