Thank you, Roxana!

I am so happy to present to you Roxana, a smart, thoughtful and caring 10 years old girl from Montreal. Roxana is my niece’s best friend and I got to meet her last summer when I ran Quebec City marathon. She came with her family to support me running. We had lots of fun and I adored her friendship to my niece, Alex. ❤

Roxana’s mother contacted me and shared that Roxana had to do a project for school about a person who inspires her and who does good deeds for others. She chose to talk about me and run2buildschools. How sweet is that 🙂
Roxana spent hours reading my blog, drawing and making a beautiful poster that visually shared my story.

I am so thankful and humbled. Thank you so much, Roxana! Merci Beaucoup! ❤

Roxana’s school project about run2buildschools. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Roxana_2Roxana, you inspire me too 🙂
I am sending you much love and one BIG hug. Thank you for sharing my story! ❤

I thought I’d share few pictures from last year marathon in Quebec, when I met Roxana.

AlexRoxana_Beautiful_BLOGHow beautiful is this picture of Roxana and my niece, Alex? ❤
Their friendship melts my heart.

FamilyPic_1_Beautiful_BLOG My family and friends at the end of the marathon, last year in Quebec City. ❤

IceBath_1_BLOGThe kids were the best and cutest supporters I’ve ever had! We were together all the time…including when I had my ice bath. 🙂

Cute_Collage_Selfies_BLOGAfter the marathon we went back to Montreal. Roxana, Alex and I had so much fun in the back of the car.
I LOVE them so much! ❤