Mega Stoop Sale for Schools

It’s been less than 4 years since we started run2buildschools and it’s pretty awesome how much we have accomplished together. Last week we had our stoop sale for the third year in a row. We raised $2700 helping us to reach over $235,000. We need less than $4000 to build our 8th school. I am forever grateful to each one of you. ❤

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated to our stoop sale.
Your clothes, games, toys, kitchen utensils, bikes, small pieces of furniture, books, lots of shoes, purses will make a lasting impact.

I’ll be honest, it was quite a hard project – lots of preparations: driving around to pick up stuff, lifting, moving, setting up, advertising it. It wasn’t easy but it was soooooo worth it! I am deeply thankful to my dear friends Jose, Cristina, Kelly, Susana and Brian who helped me SO MUCH. I couldn’t have done it without them. I truly mean that. ❤

Here are few cute pictures from last week.

Ad 1 I did some advertising on social media for the stoop sale. It helped me get LOTS of stuff.
It’s amazing how people are so happy to help however they can. ❤

Cute kelly I
Kelly and I, the week before the stoop sale. We drove around the city and picked up all the donations from everyone.
I love you, Kelly! Thank you so much for your help.

GolfWe even got a golf set! 🙂 My dear friend, Claire donated them.
Kelly and I having some fun with it. Pretending we know what we’re doing. 😉

Happy w Coach SidThe day before the stoop sale, Coach Sid stopped by my apartment and brought more stuff from Coach Asteria and my dear friend, Jo-Ann. So thankful to all of them.
Every time I see Coach Sid, my heart gets HaPpY. Look at his smile ❤
Coach Sid is one of the kindest and most joyful persons I’ve ever met.

Jose Coach SidCoach Sid and my dear friend, Jose. I love them both 🙂
Jose hosted the stoop sale in Brooklyn for the last 3 years.
His help has been immeasurable. THANK YOU, Jose from the bottom of my heart. ❤

We had so much stuff, I could have opened a thrift shop!
Thank you so much for all your donations. It meant the world to me. ❤

StreetMy friend Brian, brought his tripod and took some pictures and time lapse videos but then later during the day, it got so busy, we all worked so hard and couldn’t take many pictures. This is early morning before we got all the stuff out.

Stoop Sale 2Getting ready!

Stoop Sale 3

Stoop Sale 5                 Done setting it up – stoop sale is ON!

Stoop Sale 1Cute children checking out our books! Some of the kids books we had this year, were absolutely AMAZING. We had classics like “Make Way for the Ducklings” from the 40s!
We sold them for $1 each and  made lots of children and parents happy. ❤

This is a youtube link to the “Make Way for the Ducklings” story.
Listen to Mrs. Mallard’s story and her adorable brood: Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack’s story. It’s so cute!

Did you know that there is even a famous bronze statue of Mrs. Mallard and her adorable little family in Boston? It was created by Nancy Schön and it’s located in the Public Garden near the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street.
I have to go see it now 🙂 I got this picture from the internet.


Stoop Sale 4This father stopped by our stoop sale during his lunch break.
He bought this scooter for $5 for his son. He was so happy!

Kelly Stoop SaleMy dear and beautiful friend, Kelly! ❤
Kelly will come with me to Burkina Faso this year to help build another school.

Beat Jose
Jose crashed right after we got in the apartment.
We were all so beat – started working at 6am and finished around 8pm.

Counting money 1Time to count the money.
Look at Kelly’s face!! So cute, lol.

Counting money 2We got emotional when we realized how much money we raised.
Lots of group hugs, cheers and few tears. ❤

CelebrateYeah, we did it!

Leading shot
From left: Brian, Argy, Jose, Cristina, Kelly, Chubby  and me.

That’s how the day pretty much felt like 🙂
Fun, silly, hard, exhausting and most importantly HAPPY.  ❤

THANK YOU again everyone for your unwavering support and immense love! ❤
I hope you realize that you ALL are part of this amazing dream that is changing so many lives one school at a time.
I am forever grateful to you all. Thank you. ❤