Long and Dangerous Journeys to Schools

Take a look at how these children from other parts of the World get to school every day. For them school can be a hard-won luxury.

  1. Children on their walk to school in Guizhou Province, China

China1Image Credit: Quirky China News

2.Children crossing damaged bridge in Lebak, Indonesia


Image Credit: Reuters

3. Children glide across an 800m steel cable hitched 400m above the ground, Rio Negro River  Columbia


Image Credit: Cristoph Otto

4. Girl riding a bull to school, Myanmar


Image Credit: Andrey

5. School Girls walking across a plank in Sri Lanka


Image Credit: Reuters

6. School Children riding a horse cart in India


Image Credit: Reuters

7. Using inflated tubes to go to school, Rizal Province, Philippines


Image Credit: Bullit Marquez

8. Avoiding sewage on their way to school in Cite Solei, Haiti


Image Credit: BBC World Service

9. A schoolgirl walking miles through the desert in Ghana


Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection

10. School girls using zip line in Nepal to go to school


 Image credit: World Bank Photo Collection