Happy Birthday run2buildschools! 

 HaPpY 1st Birthday to run2buildschools! ❤

I bought a yummy cup cake and celebrated run2buildschools 1st Anniversary today!!!  My face is still a little bit injured. I fell last week while running and injured myself. It was pretty serious. Had a mild concussion, cuts on nose, lips and cheeks. I ended it up in the Emergency Room for few hours but thankfully everything is fine now and I am ready to go out and run again!


I can’t believe a year has passed already! What an amazing year… 5 marathons, few injuries, lots of love and support and we’ve raised enough money to build our first school in Nepal!

Thank you so much dear donors! Without your donations and support my dream would never be possible. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to my company AIG for double matching all AIG employees’ donations. The double match program has helped run2buildschools tremendously! I am going to Nepal next year because of it! Thank you AIG!

2016 will be a full year again! 3 marathons, 1 triathlon, going to Nepal to build a school for 150 children and hopefully Myanmar to visit my dear friend Phoo Phoo and few orphanages. I’ve been working on a big project for run2buildschools for more than a year now, I’m hoping it will be out next year as well. That would be simply fantastic! I can’t wait for you all to see it! 🙂

Here are the major races I am going to do next year. I am soooo excited!

  1. Rock and Roll Washington D.C. Marathon, March 12, 2016
  2. Country Music Marathon, Nashville April 30, 2016
  3. NYC Triathlon, July 24, 2016
  4. Chile Marathon, September 27, 2016 – as part of  my 7 marathons on 7 continents journey. This would count as my 3rd continent. I ran so far – Europe, North America, I’m left with South America, Asia, Antarctica, Africa and Australia. ❤
  5. Going to Nepal with buildOn for the groundbreaking of our 1st school!!! November 4, 2016


The most important thing I want to share with you is that I decided to build our second school in Senegal, Africa!!! I will dedicate an entire post on Senegal’s people, culture and its history. For now here is a beautiful song from a favorite artist of mine- Youssou N’dour from Senegal. I love him!!! Amazing percussionist, songwriter and singer. Rolling Stones described him as one of “the most famous singers alive” in Senegal and much of Africa. I love this song!