New York City Marathon 2015

Skyscrapers, Central Park, 5 boroughs full of character , love, comradery and support between strangers make NYC Marathon-day my favorite day of the year! The atmosphere is simply startling and incredibly inspiring!

I love running marathons! A marathon is the biggest and most peaceful community activity in human history. And to have the privilege and health to run marathons around the World and raise money for a cause I deeply care about is such an amazing blessing! I am so grateful.

This was my 5th marathon in the last 12 months. A lot of my friends came out to see me. Michael, Nancy, Kelly, Jolene, Kymian, Brian, Cathy, Kevin, my Team for Kids family, Josy with her beautiful family were all out there cheering for me and taking beautiful pictures of me! Thank you all so much. ❤

I wanted to celebrate children & run2buildschools, so I ran with Hello Kitty glasses, a red nose and a small bag full with candies and red noses. I gave candies and red noses to children and sometimes I stopped for hugs and let the children beep my red nose. 🙂 It was such a wonderful and happy day!

Here are few pictures that show the beauty of that memorable day.


I always post an inspirational picture on social media before a big race. It pumps me up and makes me happy!



The range of emotions one goes through before a big race. Happy, nervous..and freaking out! Aghh.


I made 3 run2buildschools shirts for 3 special supporters I had – Jolene, Alex and Antoine! ❤


Gabi and Sebi supporting me all the way from New Jersey! I love them so much, and this sign is adorable!


My beautiful friends, Kelly and Kymian together with cute Jolene came out to support me. I got so emotional when I saw them. I felt the love and incredible support. Look how cute the signs are and how ADORABLE are they?!! I love it and I love them so much. ❤



I didn’t get to see Kevin along the route but his sign gave me super power and made me so happy! So cute, I love his smile!



Jolene!!! Sandra LOVES Jolene! She was such a trooper that day. Came to see me in three locations!



Silly me, making children & supporters giggle. I loved every second of it.



Jolene loved my red nose! She even beeped it couple of times 🙂



I gave Jolene a red nose during the marathon and the next day Kelly sent me this picture saying that Jolene was trying to put her red nose on. So cute!


IMG_6131Kymian captured this exciting moment!



Wheeeee!!! Me happy at mile 19.



This is right before the finish line, mile 26. I got so emotional here, I cried. Happy tears!


Crossing the finish line!



This was my 2nd NYC Marathon. I will skip the marathon next year, I will be in Nepal building the school ❤ – but will be back running it in 2017!


At the end of the marathon I saw all my friends. Michael captured beautiful moments of Kymian, Kelly, Jolene and I. I love them so much!


Aww, Kymian kissing my red nose!



KissingKymian_NYC_Marathon_1_BLOGMy turn for a smooch! ❤


I love how happy Kymian is here! I look drunk, haha.



Hugs and lots of love!


Thank you beautiful Kelly for your incredible support and friendship! I love this so much. ❤




I adore this picture!!! I am going to frame it and keep it in my room! ❤

I always take ice baths after marathons.  This time I had a beer and celebrated first.  The ice had melted by the time I jumped in. Water was so cold though,  but the red nose kept me warm 😉


These picture make me giggle!


I love my little hearts, I even went to work with them next day 🙂


I’m looking forward to 2016!!! – 3 New Marathons (Washington DC, Nashville, and Chile as part of 7 marathons on 7 continents) and NYC Triathlon! Time to buy triathlon gear. My dream is to do an Ironman triathlon in the future!

At the beginning of NYC Marathon organizers always play Frank Sinatra “New York, New York” ❤              Here is this beautiful and inspirational song that I love so much! I always tear up when I hear it. Cheers to my 15 years living in NYC.  I love this city so much! ❤

THANK YOU everyone so much for your support, donations and love! I can’t wait to go out there, train, raise more money for more schools and share my experiences with you. Sending much LOVE and PEACE to you all! ❤