Two Rivers Marathon

Last weekend I finished my 13th marathon for kids and schools. We raised almost $1500 and we are getting so close to $150,000 which will help us fund 4 more schools. ❤

I ran the Two Rivers Marathon in Hawley, Pennsylvania. If you like big medals (I really mean it) and running in nature along rivers, surrounded by beautiful tall pine trees then this is a great race for you. The course is also downhill and it’s a Boston qualifier.

If you don’t drive, it’s a little bit tricky to get there. Neither bus nor train can take you to the exact location. And it turns out there are not cabs either. I got lucky, my dear friend, Nancy gave me a ride. We drove early at 5am, I ran the marathon, Nancy waited for me and then we drove back. Thank you so much for your help & support, Nancy!  ❤


The medal is bigger than my head! It is huge, yet quite light. Haha.


It was cold and unfortunately my phone shut down at mile 4 after I took few pictures and one really short video. 😦



IceBathOnce I got home, I took an ice bath and then went to sleep 🙂
The cold weather really knocked me out.

But today, a week after the marathon, I feel great, strong and ready for my next race – Paris marathon, next Sunday. It will be my 14th marathon for kids and schools.

Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your support and love. I am forever grateful.