The Lion King & Children’s Chess Book

Friday I had a cute and special guest over my house – Gabi, my best friend’s son! I adore Gabi. He is one smart, caring, curious, and thoughtful human soul.

Anca, Gabi’s mother, and I have known each other for almost 27 years. We used to play chess together, travel around Romania and compete in chess tournaments. She holds a FIDE chess master title and played in multiple World & European Chess Championships in which she won 2 silver medals and one bronze. I am so happy to announce that Anca and I are going to write a children’s chess book that hopefully will help us raise funds for more schools. ❤

I will write more about our dream in the near future.

For now, here are few cute pictures and selfies that I took this weekend with my cute little friend, Gabi! I love Gabi so much!


IMG_4590We went to Haru Sushi on Wall Street. Yum. It was so good!!! 🙂 Gabi and I ate so much!


IMG_4592During dinner all we did was math. Gabi is obsessed with math!!! He wants to become a physicist when he grows up. He wanted me to show him the sine & cosine graphs.


IMG_4580 Gabi wrote a cute message for Kintoro. I love this little boy so much.


After dinner we took a cab to midtown to the Minskoff Theater! We both were so HAPPY!!! ❤ The Lion King is AMAZING!!! Gasp-inducing production! The costumes, colors, acting were so beautiful! I cried, laughed, hugged, held Gabi’s hands – it was simply perfect!

IMG_4603During intermission, I got nice shirts for us and took cute selfies 🙂




IMG_4605Hakuna Matata means “No Worries/No problem” in Swahili language – specific to African Great Lakes region.


Next day I took Gabi to Washington Square Park to play some chess! This was quite emotional for me.  I used to play chess in Washington Square Park when I first moved to NYC. ❤  Unfortunately, we couldn’t see anyone playing chess so we decided to go to the chess shop on Thompson street in Greenwich Village. We had SO MUCH fun!

IMG_4612Gabi looooves NYC train! I mean really loves it. I promised next time he comes visit we will spend an entire day in the trains. We will take every possible train that runs in NYC. That should be fun!



In Washington Square Park!


IMG_4611The Chess shop in Greenwich is so cute! It’s got a lot of fancy chess boards and cool old pictures of famous chess players. If you love chess, you must check it out!


IMG_4614This was right across the street from the chess shop. Such a cute little game store! We played chess – I played blindfold, blundered my queen, agh!!!! – and Gabi WON!!! – see the check mate in this collage. Beautiful ladder check mate. Anca will be proud. ❤


IMG_4613❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_4609Gabi’s father went to NYU. Gabi was very proud!


I love this shot. Gabi is wearing my cute hat.  I can’t wait to have him visit me again. Next time we are going to spend a whole day riding the NYC trains!  🙂