MandelaDay & NYC Tri & TFK

This past weekend was so beautiful! Saturday was #MandelaDay and Sunday I volunteered at the NYC Triathlon.

Mandela Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela. It is celebrated each year on July 18, his birthday. This beautiful day is a global call to action and celebrates the idea that every person can change the world. I love it! I spent most of my Saturday doing what Nelson Mandela encouraged all of us to do – to help others. It was fun and emotionally extremely rewarding!

These are some of my favorite quotes from him:



Mandela 2


Mandela 3


Mandela 4



Nelson Mandela is my hero! A giant for justice and a hero of our time. A true human inspiration!


Saturday morning I also got to see my Team For Kids family! I was so happy to see Ira, Dawn, Brian, Kathy, Wit, Bruce, Kate, Melissa the coaches, and everyone else! I missed Ravi but I am hoping to see Ravi soon – we are both doing the NYC Triathlon next year. Can’t wait!

Here are few cute pics from Saturday morning run with TFK! Pictures: John THomas Suhar – John did such a great job taking all these pictures. I love them.


TFK family!!! ❤



Coach Asteria, Dawn and I! We had such a fun run!


IMG_3742We all are so happy! I love this picture.


IMG_3741Dawn, Brian and I ❤

Dawn and I went to brunch after our run. We had such a great time and discussed run2buildschools, Nepal, fundraising ideas, family…it was just lovely. I learned about UN Association (became a member), Survivors of Torture and all the wonderful work that Dawn is doing to help others.  She is amazing and I love Dawn very much!

Sunday I volunteered at NYC Triathlon. It was amazing! Such a humbling and inspirational experience. I was cheering for the participants at 72nd street and Central Park. It was so incredible. I saw blind people, people without legs or arms, swimming, biking and running. I was in awe and I got so emotional. Also to see my friends, Andre, Lisa M and Lisa G was so much fun! I was so happy for them. They did so amazing and I am so incredibly proud of them.


IMG_4503I made this sign for my friends! I love it.


IMG_4504This is Ramon, his friends, Coach Asteria & I and the end of the Tri. We had such a good time!



This happened on Friday last week!! I met Jessie, a buildOn representative and we went over the logistics of building our first school!!! Can you believe this?! I am so excited! I should find out within a month or so the place and time when I am going to Nepal to build our first school. I will give more details in the near future.



Have a great rest of the week everyone! I have wonderful news coming up! I CAN’T wait to share them. I’m hoping to do it soon. I have been so busy with work and studying for my actuarial exam. Yar.

But dream comes first! Sending love to the World! ❤