Interviewed by Global Citizen!

My story was profiled on Global Citizen website! I am so incredibly thankful to Global Citizen and Joe McCarthy for sharing my dream with the World! It got over 4000 likes on Facebook! 🙂


I also received few tweets on tweeter and a very nice person (so thankful to your kindness) tweeted Lawrence O’Donnell from the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell that airs on MSNBC every night at 10pm.



I am a huge fan of Lawrence O’Donnell. Not only I love and watch his show but we share the same passion for Education. Lawrence and UNICEF teamed up to provide school desks to children in Malawi through the amazing project K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need of Desks) ❤

Here is Lawrence talking about his groundbreaking project that I simply adore!


Thank you again Global Citizen for sharing my story! It’s exactly what run2buildschools needs: Awareness, Support and Donations – ASD!

Here is the full article. Below are few screen shots from the article.  I’m also thankful to my dear friends Andrea and Brian. If it wasn’t for them, I would have probably never had this opportunity.




One of my favorite mottos since I was a little girl in Romania is  “Never Stop Dreaming” – I surely never did and never will. ❤