Happy New Year! Midnight Run and Polar Plunge

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! May it be a joyful and warm New Year.  I’m so excited about 2015! This will be a year full of adventures, exploring, conquering fears, lots of running and working hard on my dream to build my first school in Nepal! ❤

My goals for this year besides finishing the 4 marathons are to raise money for my school, learn lots about Nepal’s history and culture, eat at every Nepalese restaurant in NYC (yum) and learn the Nepali language as well as I can. It’s going to be such an AMAZING year!

I started the New Year in a big way 🙂 I did the Midnight Run in Central Park (4 miles) and couple of hours later I ran another 5.5 miles to Coney Island where I did the Polar Plunge in the Ocean! It was such a great experience and all I could think about was my dream of running2buildschools!


This is my favorite Gandhi’s quotes. Such a powerful and beautiful message! Each day is an opportunity to perform small acts of bravery, kindness and change what we don’t like about the World we live in.

Happy New Year!!!