A beautiful song for a magical story

I wanted to share a very New York story that really touched my heart.  Last year in December, I continued my long time tradition of doing a charitable deed as part of the season 4 service. My dear friend, Kymian and I made yummy sandwiches, wrapped them up nicely with a mandarin and a dollar bill  🙂  We then headed off to Midtown to find homeless people who might be hungry.


I was at the Port Authority about to jump in the subway and go back to Brooklyn after handing out most of the sandwiches. I saw this amazing street artist playing beautifully his guitar and harmonica while singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” A couple of feet away a homeless man was dancing and enjoying the song.  I was struck by his joy and the big smile on his face. He had nothing… yet so much.  He was really happy and in the moment.  I wish I had the courage to just start dancing right next to him. I did approach him and gave him the sandwich, dollar and the mandarin. He looked at me and said “Is this for me?” I said “Yes, Happy New Year, Sir.”

Then he said “Oh, thank you my dear, what is your name?” I said “My name is Sandra.”  He danced away and said “Well, Sandra you have a lovely night!”  Then he approached the artist, gave him the dollar and the mandarin and asked him if we wanted half of his sandwich. I was so taken by aback… it was such a beautiful and heartwarming moment! I wish I could have taken out the phone and recorded the whole scene, but I didn’t want to ruin it.

I could see the artist playing the song was visibly moved and we both realized what a magical moment we just experienced!!!


This isn’t the artist’s version, but enjoy the song he was singing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” ❤