I’m training again!!!

So HaPpY to be back running!

I took a full month off from running after the NYC Marathon. I ran the marathon with a severe tendinitis. By the end of the marathon my feet were in bad shape. The ice bath right after helped still it took me a full month to recover. I feel great now and I’m back training!

The most exciting thing is that I started doing speed work.  I love it! Every Tuesday night after work, I’m doing speed work at Armory Track – what  a phenomenal sport facility! I took few pictures with my iPhone, they’re not great but enough to give you some idea of how nice this place is. And to top it all, I train with the most amazing coaches – Coach Sid and Coach Asteria!  I love them so much. 🙂

Here are few pictures from these last 2 weeks of running.

Iphone2 341

I usually run in the morning right before work. This adorable little dog is Gaston, I baby sat him for 3 weeks and running with him made me so incredibly happy! I miss him so much!

Iphone2 419

This is Brooklyn Heights where I run almost every day. It’s by the water and I have a gorgeous view of Manhattan!

After work – getting ready for speed work 🙂

Iphone2 487

Iphone2 358

Seeing the track for the first time was quite overwhelming!

Iphone2 351

The Olympic Games are so inspiring! I love watching them.

Iphone2 350

Iphone2 353

I remember these guys were amazing!!! They were jumping over the hurdles so effortlessly…I was so impressed!

Iphone2 355

Carl Lewis!!! This brings back some sweet memories from my childhood. I used to watch with my dad the Olympics and the Track and Field World Championships and I remember so vividly the day Carl Lewis set the world record at the 1991 World Championships. It was so spectacular, six runners that day ran 100m under 10sec! But Carl Lewis won it all with 9.86 sec.

Iphone2 344

High School Records Holders!

Iphone2 349

The coolest thing about the Armory Track, is that once you’re there you’re so inspired by everyone! You just don’t want to go home anymore.

Iphone2 354

Iphone2 359

These are my teammates!  Every Tuesday I wake up with strong feet and happy heart because I know at 6:30pm I’m going to see them and get inspired by their energy, discipline and commitment to running!


Iphone2 492

My Coach Sid Howard. I love his precious smile! ❤

This was so much FUN!!!  Way to end the hard work! ❤ ❤ ❤