Run2BuildSchools Team – Nepal 2016

Time has finally come! In less than 4 hours we are off to Nepal to be part of the groundbreaking of our 1st school!!! 

It’s been a busy year, raising money, running lots of marathons and putting the team together. But we are all ready and so excited to take on this amazing life experience.

Here is our Nepal 2016 Run2BuildSchools Team: 

Amy, is a legal advocacy for public defenders. She has a passion for equality in justice. Amy loves exploring new places and old places with lots of charm and character. 


Lori, a native from Buffalo, New York, she now lives in Northport Long Island with her 18 years old son. Lori is a surety and insurance broker with the firm Lawley Insurance. She has been involved in several charities and had volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

Kelly moved from China to United States with her mother 12 years ago. She is an accountant working for American International Group. She loves outdoor activities, hiking, traveling around the world and recently discovered her passion for running marathons. Kelly believes that she can win the World Watermelon eating contest! 🙂


Tudor graduated from NYU Tandon with a bachelor in Biomolecular Science. He is currently living and going to medical school in Romania. Tudor lived a short period in Kenya and Tanzania where he studied wildlife management.He rides a Ducati and hopes to go on a road trip from Europe to Africa one day.



Radu & Vlad (my 15 years old nephew ❤️), father and son.  Vlad loves traveling, exploring and learning about different cultures. This summer he visited Spain with his high school friends and they had an awesome time. His favorite place was Granada. He is also part of his high school’s basketball team and gets to travel a lot in Quebec province. His dream is to play basketball for an American Univeristy team one day. 

Radu, my brother in law, is an engineer and works for Quebec Ministry of Transport. He loves soccer and tennis and he practices them both whenever he gets a chance. 


Annabella is from Venezuela where she lived most of her teenage life. She did her master in Paris where she lived 8 years and fell in love with the food, wine and running! Yesterday she ran her 10th marathon! 


Marling, loves life! She enjoys traveling and trying new foods. Has a particular passion for helping individuals access educational opportunities that enable them to achieve their greatest potential. Currently, she is in the completion state of the Doctorate of Education with concentration in organizational leadership.  


and me! 

We thank you all for your support and love! 

 See you all in 2 weeks! ❤️