Charity Run for Nepal earthquake victims

This Friday I ran a 5k race for Nepal earthquake victims. To honor this beautiful country that has gone through so much these last few months, I decided to run in a Nepali traditional costume.  I loved it!

197 people ran the race and together we raised a lot of money for Nepal earthquake relief. It was such a beautiful and humbling experience!

My friends, Sid and Suraj, who are from Nepal ran with me. We had so much fun and were so happy to finish all together and meet their families at the finish line. After the race we had dinner at a Nepalese restaurant in Queens. It was delicious, I couldn’t stop eating!

Here are some pictures from Friday night.

IMG_4225Sid and I, both wearing Nepali traditional costume.


IMG_4224Suraj, Sid and I right before the race started.


IMG_4219 HaPpY selfie of us!


IMG_4234These are some of Suraj and Sid’s family members who came out to support us. I also met Ellie, second from left, who just came back from Nepal. Ellie went to Nepal to help the earthquake victims. ❤ ❤ ❤


After race, we went to Chautari Restaurant for dinner. Amazing food!

IMG_4227 This is Samay Baji – a traditional Nepalese snack. Consists of flattened rice, maricated soybean, fried goat liver, radish pickle, marinated chicken and lots of spices. It was really good!


IMG_4228Chicken Lollipop – deep fried chicken that came with spicy sauce.


IMG_4229The traditional Nepalese dumplings – Momo. Sooo yummy!!!

IMG_4230We had Thali for main course. Thali is also a traditional Nepalese dish eaten daily. Consists of rice, saag (cooked green leaves, usually mustard leaves), daal (lentil soup), vegetable curry and meat curry. So delicious!!!

During dinner we listened to Nepalese music, specifically Aadhunik genre. So beautiful!!! Here is a song that I found on youtube:

I can’t wait to go to Nepal next year and build my first school!

Thank you so much Maya, Mr. Lama and Sid for your kindness and welcoming me in your beautiful family. ❤