My new 2 Best Friends

I have been babysitting my dear friends’ dogs this week, Gaston and Chubby ❤ What an amazing week this has been. Chubby & Gaston are my role models for giving unconditional love and conveying pure joy and happiness! They have gotten so deep in my heart, that they’re really part of me now. I love them dearly!

My biggest life dream is to have my own non profit organization. I’ve always had this beautiful vision of helping the most vulnerable in our world. But I never thought of animals.  I do love them so much, it just never really dawned on me to be pro-active and do some good for them…until I met Chubby and Gaston.

I decided to volunteer one hour a week in a dog shelter. I called a place in Brooklyn and I will start my shifts in July. I can’t wait!

Here are some cute pictures of them. Just seeing these pictures puts the biggest smile on my face and my heart beats faster and faster and I get all lovey-dovey.

IMG_4246My apartment transformed into a kindergarten : ) Squeaky toys are everywhere!


IMG_4248I bought one bed for Gaston but then Chubby loved it so much, I had to buy one for him as well.


IMG_4286Here is both of them sleeping in their beds.  Chubby likes sleeping with his tongue out. ❤


IMG_4287Just few seconds later…Gaston fell out of his bed.


IMG_4288Chubby!!! ❤


IMG_42901 minute later, he was out. Zzzzzz.


IMG_4276Supporting “Smile Train” ❤


IMG_4303He was sooo sleepy and cute here. I just wanted to hug and kiss him!


IMG_4278Gaston!!! with my Team For Kids hat ❤ Isn’t he adorable?!



IMG_4282Where is Gaston????

IMG_4280Here he is!!!! ❤


IMG_4284 I adore this!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ He actually loved wearing those glasses!


IMG_4326I love this so much.


IMG_4304Hello there!


IMG_4277Babies playing ❤


IMG_4306Haha! So cute!!! Neither of them were happy to take a bath! It reminded me of myself as a kid. I never liked baths either! My “luck” was that the Communists didn’t give us much water, so we couldn’t really afford to take baths every day. We saved  the water for the toilet.


IMG_4308Intense study session! Integrals, derivatives, simulation of random variables – Chubby is a math nerd.


IMG_4268Friday night we went for a nice walk and fun play in the park.


IMG_4332These are some throw backs selfies with Chubby and I from other times I babysat him.


IMG_4331Happy selfies of Gaston and I last night. ❤


This cute song is for Chubby and Gaston!

Chubby & Gaston – next time I have you around my little cookies, I will take my ukelele and sing this song to you. Until then farewell my little friends, keep spreading the love to your wonderful parents and friends!

I ❤ you.