Fred Lebow Half Marathon 2015

Sunday I ran my first half marathon of the year. Had a new PR of 2:03:43! Mile 9 was my best at 8:42.  Central Park was beautiful, but I struggled on the hills, especially the second lap. I battled shin splints for the first two miles, but the pain got better after and I was able to pick up speed. My speed workouts are really paying off! I do need to do more hills work though.


I made this shirt the night before. It’s not that easy to write directly on a shirt, haha. But I think it came out nice!



At the end of the race; happy & tired!



Every time after a long run I take an ice bath! They do magic on my legs and help me recover so quickly! I’m so happy to announce that I’ve raised a third of the money! Two thirds of the way to go!!! ❤



I loved running for run2buildschools and buildOn!!! It inspired me to try really, really hard!