Team For Kids – TFK

This Friday I went to TFK reunion party hosted by our dear Martha. I was so happy to see my running family. I’ve missed everyone so much! It’s incredible how close we are and how much love, support and respect for each other we have.

Team For Kids has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. It helped me become a runner, meet all these wonderful friends and gave me the courage to follow my heart and start run2buildschools!

Below are some pictures from our reunion party. Also, I got so emotional seeing everyone that I decided to upload pictures from last year when I joined TFK.


I love this! Jennifer might come to Nepal with me next year to build our first school. 🙂  Jackie is running Tokyo Marathon next week! Good Luck Jackie!!! ❤



Ravi, Ira, Brian & Kathy – Beautiful people that I love and respect! We trained together last year and it was so  much fun! Our dear Andre is missing. ❤



With Martha & Dawn! Beautiful inside and out!



Can you tell how much I love Martha…A LOT! Both Martha and I share a deep passion and care for early childhood education. Thank you Martha for hosting such a great party! ❤



Kathy and I.  Everyone LOVES Kathy. Her energy and beautiful heart are simply contagious!



I love Ravi! Very much 🙂 Ravi challenged me to do a sub 2 half marathon. I have no choice, but to do it!



With my dear and very cool friend TW!



Oh, my heart just giggled! With Coach Asteria and Coach Sid. ❤ ❤ ❤



Being happy and having fun with three of my favorite people on Earth – Coach Asteria, Coach Sid & Ira.


These are pictures from last year (2014) when I joined TFK and trained for NYC marathon.


On March 2, 2014 I joined TFK. One of the best decisions of my life.



May 31, 2014 – First day of training with TFK in Central Park 81st Street. With Coach Michael.



My first 12 miles ran with TFK. I was so happy!



One of our first group pics! Me (my hair has grown so much since then!), Ira, Ravi, Jim, Brian, Bruce, Moly, Kathy, Susan and Wit. After this run we went for brunch close to Columbus Circle. Had so much fun, I knew immediately we were all in for an amazing journey and special friendships!



I got the famous TFK shirt and ran my first Tune Up with it.



Another fun group picture! ❤



This day was beautiful! We did our long run and then had a picnic and played games. Kathy’s cute son joined us.



Central Park- First long run with NYRR and TFK.




With Kathy and Rhina at the Staten Island Half Marathon!



Our “gang”…Andre, Ravi, me, Ira and Kathy! Love, love them!



Stopped the running for a quick selfie and smooch on Manhattan Bridge.



We ran in PA here. So much fun! Thank you Karen, Lowell and your beautiful daughters for having all of us over your house and feeding us with yummy food! ❤



Ira and I. Ira is family, we care so much for each other.



October 12, 2014 – The day we all ran our first 20 miles! ❤




With Kathy and Andre! We ran across three bridges that day: Wlliamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.



I’m in the red Saucony 🙂



On Brooklyn Bridge – one of our last long runs before the marathon.



Bruce!!! Everyone LOVES Bruce! He encouraged and supported all of us throughout the whole season. While running, I would always look for him, his TFK sign, stop and give him a hug.  ❤


IMG_3173 IMG_3174

Support from my best friend’s family. I love them dearly. ❤



This is the day before the marathon. We all got together and celebrated our journey! Very emotional and beautiful.



TFK bracelet – I got it on Nov 2, 2014, the day of the NYC Marathon. I still have it on my wrist 🙂  I simply can’t take it down. It means so much to me and every time I see it I am reminded of one of the most beautiful journeys of my life. I am planning to take it down on Nov 1st, 2015, when I’m going to run my second NYC marathon and 4th marathon of the year. It will be a big day for me, run2buildschools and buildOn.


Here you can find more information about Team For Kids (click the name) and the amazing work they do. I loved every single second of my TFK journey. I will certainly run more races with TFK in the future. ❤