Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day my dear friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! ❤


My dear friend, Kelly, got me hundreds of beautiful “run2buildschools” bracelets! Thank you sweet Kelly! I love them so much. I took this picture on Saturday morning and put it on social media for my friends and donors.

My weekend was beautiful and pretty eventful. On Saturday, I ran 9 miles with my Team For Kids family. I was planning to run 13 miles but my hips started hurting so I only ran 9. After my run, I went to NJ to visit my best friend’s family. ❤

Here are few cute pictures from the weekend:


Team For Kids Family! This is before our run. Thank you Kathy for the picture.


Photo credit: Ira ❤


We just finished running over Queensboro Bridge. We were all so happy! Our pace was around 8:50min/mile. Thank you Julie for taking this cute picture!


Ira and I on RFK bridge! I had such an amazing time running with my dear friend, Ira. We talked family, work, and shared our dreams and brainstorm few new ideas for run2buildschools. ❤


At the end of the run, we all met at Nice Matin restaurant for brunch. It was so good to see all my friends! ❤


After brunch I stopped by my dear friend Bruce’s store, Beacon Paint, where I received a beautiful gift – a handmade chess table and chess pieces. Thank you Ira, Bruce, Steven & Beacon Paint for your thoughtful and beautiful gift to run2buildschools. Our school in Nepal will have a little chess club! ❤


At noon, I went to NJ to see Anca and the kids. I’ve been so busy  with work, study, running, raising money and so on. I haven’t seen the kids in a while and I really missed them. My friend and teammate Wolfie, gave me this beautiful and thoughtful game (to build a school 🙂 ) for my birthday. I brought it with me to NJ. I knew Gabi and Sebi would love to build our first unofficial school. They really LOVED it! Once we opened the box, no one moved from the table until the school was finished!


Gabi and Sebi building our first unofficial elementary school! We got some good practice for our real school in Nepal that we are going to build this November. ❤


So cute! They tried really hard.



Clarksville Elementary School is done! Good job Gabi and Sebi! This was such a cute little project to do with the kids. I loved it and they loved it too!! Thank you dear Wolfie. ❤


So pretty!


Cute little Baby Zach! I already miss him again. So yummy! 🙂 ❤


Baby Zach and me! I love Baby Zach so much.


Later in the afternoon, I took the kids for home made icecream. It was so good. We all overloaded on sugar 🙂 This is a pretty famous diner. Guess what show was filmed here? 🙂



On Monday, I made the American flag using strawberries, sharp cheddar cheese and blueberries. It came out pretty good. 🙂 I first used whipped cream instead of cheese, but that was such a bad idea. It just didn’t work. I had to do it again with cheese and it worked! Thank you so much Michael for taking this picture! ❤ I used it on social media to remind my friends and donors about our amazing progress to raise money for such a good cause.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and donations! I can’t believe that in less than 2 years we raised enough money to build two elementary schools. Dreams do come true! ❤