Mega Stoop Sale!!!

Good morning dear friends!

My friend, Jose and his beautiful wife, Cristina, are having a Mega Stoop Sale today in Brooklyn to support me raise funds for our third school in Nicaragua! ❤

Every single dollar is going towards run2buildschools!

Stop by if you are around and see our huge variety of clothes, books, kitchenware, sportswear, books, toys, children clothes, purses and shoes!!!

Thank you SO MUCH dear Jose, Cristina, my  sweet friend Kymian – you gave me two bags of brand new clothes!❤️, thank you my friend Andrea for your books, kitchenware and shoes, thank you Alex and Antoine for sharing your toys with other kids, thank you Susana Monaco for donating your beautiful designer clothes, thank you Anca and Unjang family, thank you Michael, Nancy, Kelly, and Brian for your support and love!

Here is the information where you can find us today.

Sending much love into the World! ❤


The closest subway stop is Grand Army Plaza. I can’t wait to see you all soon!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤