Gabi’s Donation Campaign for run2buildschools

This weekend I’m visiting my best friend’s family in New Jersey. I always get so happy when I’m here! Last night Gabi, Sebi and I worked on a cute little project for run2buildschools. We wanted to encourage all of you and your friends to donate any amount from $1 to $10 because we believe that EVERY single dollar can make a difference!

Gabi wrote 10 fun facts for each of the ten numbers! Check them out! Gabi’s wish is that you write the fact along with the amount of money you donate.

We are now hoping that you are going to donate!

Thank you so much for your support. We wish you all a happy weekend!!! ❤

Enjoy our pictures 🙂


Gabi, Sebi and I holding up our sign to donate! ❤


Close up of Gabi’s sign. ❤ I love all of them but #1 and #10 are my favorites! 🙂


This is Baby Zach. He is the reason we suggest you donate $10. Zach was born 10 days ago.



Sebi with his baby brother, Zach! ❤


Gabi, Sebi and Baby Zach. Sandra loves all of them! ❤


Gabi, Sebi and I had fun outside playing and chalk drawing!



Gabi wrote “run2buildschools” in other languages. Here they are, first one from the top: Korean(Hangeul script), Russian, Greek, and  English.


A close-up of Gabi’s sign. I love it so much!

Thank you so much for your support and love!