Cute Birthday Video!

It’s my Birthday!!! Here is a cute stop motion video that Michael, Chubby and I made for my birthday. Chubby helped so much, he barked all night and kept us awake so we could finish the work. ❤

I decided to pledge my birthday to run2buildschools. It’s a simple idea. Instead of having friends buying me drinks, lunches, flowers or any other gift, I am suggesting a small donation towards my charity. I want to make my gifts become gifts for others. My first school will be in Nepal. They need our help now more than ever.

Below is the video and few pictures from this hard but so amazing project. I adore it.  Special thanks to my dear Michael, for helping me SO MUCH with this. What a beautiful artist you are! ❤


IMG_4047I made a collage to give you a sense of what Friday night looked like. Chubby and I went to Michael’s studio at 9pm (after my work) and spent all night there working on this video. Stop motion videos are hard but so much FUN!

IMG_4011Lots of letters went into this project!

IMG_4026I sat on the floor on my knees for hours! Every letter/animal/heart/cupcake that came into the frame was one single shot at a time. In the end we accumulated hundreds of shots and were able to do the video! Post production was so challenging though. Michael worked so hard on it; I couldn’t have done it without him!

IMG_4016Michael’s beautiful studio and set.

IMG_4091Chubby!!! My friends’ cute dog that I love so much.


IMG_4063Peakaboo!! Can you see Chubby?!? I was on the floor all night pretty much moving the letters and cartoons inch by inch and all Chubby wanted was to be next to me. To get work done, I had to protect my “work space”. He was so cute, trying to figure out a way to get to me ❤

IMG_4046 Chubby finally fell asleep for few hours. Poor little cookie, he had a hard time falling asleep. Once we got home around 7am, we both passed out within seconds.



I love this picture so much! Michael drew it, he says he sees me that way. I sent it to my sweet mom and she said “that’s my daughter, big heart and skinny legs”.