Phoo Phoo’s Birthday

Yesterday was Phoo Phoo’s Birthday!!! We celebrated her birthday in a Yemenis Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. The food was so delicious and the atmosphere was just beautiful! Phoo Phoo is from Myanmar and yesterday she turned 21 years old!

There was something that Phoo Phoo shared with me and it just melted my heart and I wanted to share it forward. On her birthday, Phoo Phoo did an incredible act of kindness. She sent $1000 home to her parents and told them to buy food, clothes, books and pens for the 900 orphans in Tont Tai, Myanmar. Her parents bought everything, traveled to Tont Tai and gave all the goods to the 900 children. ❤

See pictures below, but first here are few pictures from our adorable Phoo Phoo’s birthday party!



Maya and her family brought the cake from a Nepalese restaurant in Queens. Yum!


IMG_3886From left, this is Sid (Maya’a son), Maya, Me and Phoo Phoo! Sid is going to run the Nepal 5K Relief race with me on May 29. I’m so excited!!!


IMG_3887Phoo Phoo and I with fancy glasses! 🙂


IMG_3873Maya, Me and Phoo Phoo! I really hope one day I can go to Nepal and Myanmar and visit my friends’ home countries.




All of us being happy! Maya’s familiy, Phoo Phoo, their manager from the store they work at and me!


IMG_3871I love this selfie of Phoo Phoo and I!


These are pictures that Phoo Phoo’s parents sent to her. They bought a lot of food with the money Phoo Phoo sent home and fed all the children! Oh, how much I love this story and Phoo Phoo!








How adorable are these two little girls! ❤


I will finish my story with this: