Mega Stoop Sale No. 2 for Kids & Schools

My dear friends, Cristina and Jose organized a second mega stoop sale for run2buildschools. It was so much fun and we raised lots of money for kids and schools. Thank you Cristina and Jose for your love and unwavering support. I am humbled by your kindness and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤

I am also grateful to Rita, Rene, Josh and Luke for helping us setting up the stoop sale and closing it down. You all were so helpful and kind. Many thanks to my friends, Kelly, Kymian, Em, R, Cristina and Jose’s neighbors, who donated clothes, books, bicycles, rugs, and toys. Thank you ALL for your help. ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_1We started setting up early morning. By 8am, Jose and Rene brought all the boxes out, Cristina put all the clothes on racks and I spread lots of signs in the neighborhood.



StoopSale_BLOG_6We also had a donation bottle. Thank you everyone who stopped by and donated!

StoopSale_BLOG_8Rene, Jose, Cristina and I took a quick selfie right after our breakfast. We were all so excited!

StoopSale_BLOG_2We sold this bicycle so fast!!! Thank you Anca, for buying this almost brand new bicycle and supporting kids and education. ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_26We had so many clothes!!!Thank you everyone who donated them. ❤


StoopSale_BLOG_18Second bicycle we sold!!! Thank you Gabi, Sebi and the Unjang family for coming all the way from New Jersey to support us! Also, thank you SO MUCH for buying so many things and spreading lots of love. I adore you and I can’t wait to see you again!<3

StoopSale_BLOG_19How adorable is Frankie! She was so happy to come over and buy few things to support children in other countries. Thank you Frankie for your kindness and support. So many children will get to go to school because of your generosity.

StoopSale_BLOG_20Baby Zack ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_10Sweet customer who stopped by and bought few things.

StoopSale_BLOG_25With my best friend, Anca, her sweet mother who was visiting from Romania and her two children. Sebi and Perry are not in the picture but they were there having fun and supporting us. I love you Anca and all your family! ❤ ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_11Look at how much money we raised in 3 hours only!!! Heavy rain started around 12pm and we had to rush to put all the stuff away. Thank you Rita and Josh for your help! And Jose you were a hero. You worked so hard that day. I’ll never forget the bruises you got on your legs.  ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_14Jose and his perfect smile!!! ❤ I love this picture so much. This was right after we finished all the work. Jose was soaked from all the rain and in so much pain from all the lifting.

StoopSale_BLOG_13Argi, Rita, Cristina, Jose and Me! We were all so exhausted but so HaPpY!! ❤

StoopSale_BLOG_15Time to count the money!!!

StoopSale_BLOG_12Yeah baby! We raised $1320!!!!

StoopSale_BLOG_27THANK YOU Cristina and Jose! I love you. ❤
Thank you everyone who helped, stopped by, donated and supported our stoop sale for kids and schools. Thank you Brooklyn for once again being so cool and generous. ❤