Getting Ready for Nepal 2016

In less than three months, run2buildschool team will be taking off to Nepal to build our very first school! Our team has 8 members so far. I am so excited and thankful for all the help and support.  ❤

Below is half of our 2016 team, from left to right: Kelly, Annabella, me, and Amy! This past Friday, we had dinner at Cafe Himalaya, a really good Nepalese restaurant in East Village. I was so happy to see my friends. We all started to prepare for our trip in November – made appointments with family doctor and travel clinic, bought airplane tickets, I even started reading the history of Nepal 🙂


I love our team! The other 4 members are Vlad (my 15 years old nephew), Lori, Marling and Radu. ❤

IMG_8299 I’m learning so much!! What an interesting history. Nepal is one of the few countries in the world that has never been conquered. This is attributed mostly to the famous Gurkha soldiers whose courage and toughness is well known worldwide.

I’ve also been running so much this last week. My Quebec Marathon is next Sunday. I ran 12 miles yesterday and 5 miles today. I should be pretty ready for the marathon next weekend.


Yesterday morning I started my run at 5:30am. I ran in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Such a unique and cool neighborhood. I passed by a Batmobile Lincoln Premier ’57 from the 60s TV Batman series. It was so awesome, haha, my face says it all.



This morning I ran with my dear friends an 8K (5 miles) race with New York Road Runners. It rained so hard. We were all really soaked at the end but very happy with our run.

FranceRace_BlogFrom left to right: Kyoto, Kelly, me and Kymian.