Amazing Saturday!

Yesterday was such a perfect day! I ran 20 miles, my last long run before Chicago Marathon. I ran 13 miles with my Team For Kids family and 7 miles on my own in my neighborhood. The weather was simply perfect and I had a good pace. I averaged 9:40/mile. I was a bit in pain by the end but once I got home I took an ice bath and it definitely helped!

Later at night, I went to Global Citizen Festival. My dear friend, Andrea, helped me get two tickets. I went to the festival with my beautiful friend, Amy. It was such an amazing experience. I got to see Malala! Such an incredible young woman, so inspirational! I truly hope I get to meet Malala one day. I would also love to visit her country and build a school in Pakistan one day.

The festival was beautiful, full of powerful and emotional moments. My favorites were Malala, Pearl Jam, Michelle Obama, Beyonce and this amazing tribute to humanity and human rights. Below are few pictures and videos from my run in the morning, ice bath, and Global Citizen Festival. Such a perfect day!

IMG_5710 Team For Kids Family. ❤ Picture taken by Coach Vinnie.

IMG_5709Me with happy Coach Sid and beautiful Kate. We just ran 13 miles.

IMG_1477Ice bath after my 20 miles run 🙂 Not a lot of ice but still it was sooo cold and it helped me a lot. Felt much better after and I was ready for the Global Citizen Festival. ❤

Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, NYC!!!! It was so AMAZING!

IMG_1471Picture by Global Citizen.


My favorite musical acts of the night.

I loved Eddie’s performance SO MUCH!!! I sang along with him and had tears in my eyes. “Imagine” is one of my favorite words and this song I know by heart and I love so much.

Below are the lyrics. ❤ ❤ ❤


“Redemption” song by Bob Marley ❤


IMG_1473Beautiful picture by Global Citizen.


IMG_1472First Lady, Michelle Obama, introducing #62milliongirls campaign.

Campaign is below.


IMG_1470Amazing atmosphere. Picture by Global Citizen.


IMG_5698Giving Amy a smooch. 🙂

IMG_5699Sandra loves Amy ❤


IMG_5704Amy took this picture of me. After this, I took off my coat and showed my “run2buildschools” shirt to the World! 🙂 ❤



IMG_5706Pretty collage I put together and shared on social media. Pictures by Global Citizen.


And here is THE BEST! Once I got home from the show I found this beautiful card waiting for me…with a donation check for my #run2buildschools dream!!! ❤  I got so emotional. THANK YOU dear Clari for your amazing donation! I can make an impact on children’s lives because of people like you. Your incredible support, donation, love and encouragement mean THE WORLD TO ME!

IMG_5720I can’t wait to go to Nepal and build my first school!!! And share EVERY moment with my wonderful donors. Thank you so much for believing in me! ❤

#run2buildschools will leave such a beautiful mark in this world. And it is all possible because of you, my dear donors! Sincerely, THANK YOU! ❤


My decision is to run, raise money and build schools!