Chicago Marathon 2015 

Chicago Marathon is on!!! It is the 2nd marathon of my 7 marathons on 7 continents running journey! ❤ Left NY on Wednesday night after work. I’ve been in Glenview visiting Michael’s family and today I’m going to Chicago baby! Woot-woot! Picking up my number 9928!!!! and then going to Elizabeth’s party, my lovely Team For Kids teammate. I am soooo happy to see my Team For Kids family tonight! Thank you Elizabeth and your family for having us over your place!

Aunt Syl, Uncle Brian, Heather, Ava, Sonia, Kevin, Pam, Ralph, Laura, Tom, Glenn and especially Mikey – Thank you SO MUCH for everything you’re doing for me! I LOVE you all and I am so grateful to have you in my life! Thank you for feeding me best carbs, for taking me to run and waiting for me, for making sure I am OK every second I walk, haha. Thank you so much for supporting my dream, for the donations and for making me feel so comfortable and happy in your beautiful home. Aunt Syl you have the best coffee in the world!!!

Here are few pictures, I will upload more after my marathon tomorrow.

Me at JFK airport. I’m going to run in this beautiful shirt. And look what’s on its back!!! IMG_5837

IMG_5854The back of my running shirt!!! I LOVE it!!! I have the names of all my donors with me! I will carry each and every one in my heart tomorrow. My dream is possible because of my donors! I am so GRATEFUL!!! Thank you so much. ❤



I made a cute sign for my Team For Kids family! So many of my teammates are running Chicago tomorrow. Goooo TFK!!! ❤ Good Luck to all of you!


Chicago baby!!!! Nice shot from the airplane.


Oh, this dinner was good!!!! Thank you Aunt Syl! I ❤ U!

IMG_1524Not kidding, this is the best coffee a human can possibly have in the morning. So in love with Aunt Syl’s coffee. 🙂

I am pumped right now!!!! #run2buildschools baby!!!!



I love this beautiful artist – buddhadoodles! ❤