Run2BuildSchools Team – Senegal 2017

This is it – our team is off to Senegal, West Africa, to help build another school!
We’re all so excited to meet the children, work along with the community, celebrate our cultures, and enrich our lives with lifelong memories. ❤ ❤ ❤

Meet our amazing team members and our wonderful trek manager, Celestina.

Celestina1Celestina loves to travel, work abroad and be part of social change. She is currently living in Senegal and working as the Trek manager for Senegal and Burkina Faso with buildOn. She also enjoys photography, writing and thought provoking conversations.

KikiKiki is an actuary working at a consulting firm. When she is not working, she is always traveling to different places for food, good beer, hiking and fun races (although she hates running)! When she is not traveling, she enjoys spending time with her cat, lifting weights and cooking.

KianaKiana was born in Iran and moved to US in 2002 alone to follow her dreams.
She completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University. Through her young career she helped developed instruments that minimize the side effects of open heart surgery and also developed technologies to replace painful injections for children. Currently, she is a professor at Claremont University, and her research is focused on developing instrument-free diagnostic devices to improve the quality of care in developing countries. She is also writing a science book for children that will be out next year! She lives with her 9 years old son and her husband in California.

Lori and MayaFrom left: Marling (Maya) and Lori
Both Maya and Lori have extensive experience 🙂 in digging foundations, sifting, mixing concrete, and making bricks. They also went to Nepal last year to help build our first school and I am so HaPpY they are coming to Senegal too!!! We are family now. 🙂 This is the magic of these treks – you not only get to impact people’s lives, but you also, experience new cultures and make friends for life. ❤

Maya enjoys traveling and trying new foods. She has a particular passion for helping individuals access educational opportunities that enable them to achieve their greatest potential. This year she is getting her Doctorate in Education. Way to go Maya! I am so proud of you!!!

Lori, a native from Buffalo (NY), lives in Northport, Long Island with her 18 years old son. She is a surety and insurance broker with Lawley Insurance firm. Lori has a BIG heart. Has been involved in several charities, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and helped me endlessly raising money and supporting me with my travel expenses.
Lori, I am forever grateful. ❤

PaulPaul is a freelance Digital Project Manager and lives with his family in the Netherlands. His passions are traveling, good food, challenges and charities.  This is Paul’s second time traveling to Africa; first time he helped building a school in South Africa. ❤
The Great Wall marathon was his toughest challenge so far.

Sandra2And me! Can you find me? This is Shrek family 😉 – Me, my niece and my nephew.
In my heart, this school is in their honor. I LOVE YOU, Alex and Victor!


The village we are going to is called Tanguiss Peulh. It is about 68km from Dakar. The languages spoken are Wolof and Pular. These are pictures I received from Celestina.
We can’t wait to meet the children and start the school construction!

School2This is the current school in the community. Our school will be made out of bricks, will have solar panel and electricity.

School1❤ ❤ ❤

This is the donor plaque I am taking with me to Senegal. I am so honored to give it to the community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all donors who made this school possible! Thank you team for your work and time! And thank you, buildOn for giving me a platform to follow my dream and build schools.

See you all soon! I cant wait to share our experience with you all. Much love to you. ❤

PlaqueThank you SO MUCH! ❤