7 marathons 7 continents is back!

This coming Saturday I’ll be running The Great Wall of China marathon! I’m so pumped and frightened all at the same time. Temperatures will be in the high 90s, possibly 100 degrees. Sounds like melting level to me. HOT HOT HOT!! 

This marathon is part of my 7marathons on 7continents journey. It’s my 4th continent! One by one, I’ll do them all. Next year in March is Antarctica! Brrr.

I’m traveling to China with my dear friend, Kymian. She will be running the 5.5-mile race on the wall. So exciting!! As part of the training, Kymian and I did lots of stairs after work for a few months. To prepare for the 26.2 miles I also ran 5 marathons this year. I think I should be okay but I’m still quiet nervous. 

I’ll be running with my run2buildschools shirt and I will be wearing all my donors’ names in my heart and on my shirt. I love my donors. 

I am currently raising money for school no. 6! This school will be in Haiti. So far we built a school in Nepal, it’s up and working!! This November I’m going to Senegal to help build our second school. And we have already raised enough funds to build three more schools. Here are all the locations for our schools and years I’m expecting to complete them.

  • Nepal (2016)
  • Senegal (2017)
  • Nicaragua (2018)
  • Malawi (2019)
  • Burkina Faso (2019)
  • Haiti (raising money for) 

I’m incredibly thankful to my family, friends, and donors for the unwavering support. I’m grateful to you all for giving me this opportunity to change lives for the better, including my own life. 

After the marathon in Beijing, I’ll spend one more week in China and explore Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. I’m so excited!

Sending love and peace into the world. I’ll see you all soon with the Great Wall medal around my neck. 😍✌