Perfect Birthday!

Last Friday was my birthday!! Such a BEAUTIFUL birthday! The whole week was pretty sweet. 🙂 My amazing boss and coworkers had a cake party for me at work and then they took me out to a really nice lunch! ❤

Friday night I met my adorable coach, Asteria, and thought we were going to have dinner and catch up…but when I walked inside the restaurant I saw my Team For Kids family!!!  First surprise birthday party I’ve ever had! 🙂 I got soooo emotional, and burst into tears pretty much throughout the whole night. It was one of THE BEST birthdays I’ve ever had! This whole week I found myself daydreaming about it. ❤ At the end of the night, Coach Asteria handed me cash and said “this is from all of us for your dream to build schools. Happy Birthday, Sandra!“. I can not tell you how emotional I got, I was literally shaking and I remember thinking “omg, I am going to pass out in front of my friends! ” I tried to say something and thank everyone, but I don’t think I made much sense. It was a really special night full of love and joy! Thank you SO MUCH dear Team For Kids family for being so kind, supportive and making me feel so loved! ❤

Thank you dear Kelly for the cute video you made for my birthday! And thank you Brian for your help. I love the video and I am so happy to share it on my blog!

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for all the birthday wishes and donations to run2buildschools!!! ❤    I am so grateful for your generosity and support! I can’t wait to go to Nepal this year and share my journey with you and show you what I can do because of your support! ❤

This is Kelly’s video for my birthday. ❤

And here are few pictures from my surprise birthday party!


Jackie and I ❤


My dear Team For Kids family! ❤





Happy Birthday to me!!!


This was such a good cake! Ice cream cake!!!


This is when Coach Asteria gave me the money that everyone raised for run2buildschools


I donated all money to run2buildschools in Honor of my Team For Kids family! 

Thank you SO MUCH for our support!


I love this quote!

Thank you so much my family and friends for your amazing support! ❤