Amazing Donation!!!

run2buildschools received a $10,000 donation yesterday!!! 

I was at work when I received an email from buildOn. It said Tripling Elephants donated $10,000! I was shocked when I read it – could barely finish working. I was supposed to take study time (I am studying for an actuarial exam) but I couldn’t really focus. It made me so HAPPY!!! I am humbled and so incredibly thankful to Tripling Elphants! I do not know who you are Tripling Elephants but your donation will impact so many lives!! It will build a school in Senegal!!! I can’t stop thinking about it!!! It’s so AMAZING!

I really think I am going to Senegal next year to build our second school!!! This year is Nepal, next year Senegal!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤



This is the email I received from buildOn. I just added “Thank you” and “run2buildschools” on it. I love it!


I did a little project for you Tripling Elephants!!! I worked late last night. I finished it around 1am.


I printed out three little cute elephants!



And I drew MY HEART and wrote THANK YOU!!! ❤



This is for you Tripling Elephants!!!! ❤

I was so filled with joy yesterday and I made a “Happy” play list – I danced for hours 🙂 ❤

Jimmy Cliff  “I can see clearly now!”

U2 “Beautiful Day”

Harry Belafonte “Jump in The Line”

Pharrell Williams “Happy”

R.E.M “Shiny Happy People”