Jen & Shawn’s Wedding Gift to run2buildschools

“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!” – George Elliston

Indeed, my day was just beautiful when I received Jen and Shawn’s email! ❤



Thank you SO MUCH dear Jen and Shawn for your support and kind gesture. Next year in November I am going to Nepal to build a school for 150 children. I can’t wait to share my experience with you and show you how your selfless and kind act will directly impact lives.

I am forever grateful for what you did for run2buildschools. ❤


Photography by Richard Caccavale



Jen and Shawn’s little baby boy supporting me last year for my first NYC marathon! I adore Aiden 🙂

I am dedicating some of my favorite songs to you and Aiden! ❤

Original song by Ben King. This is a video from Playing by Change – an amazing movement to connect the World through music! ❤ ❤ ❤

When we all come together we can change the World.

Pearl Jam – Imagine @Global Citizen ❤ Really love Eddie Vedder’s rendition of this amazing song.

“Imagine” is one of my favorite words.

I love this song so much! ❤

This is for Aiden!

Sending much LOVE from Brooklyn to you Jen, Shawn and Aiden! ❤


Drawing by a favorite artist of mine – Buddha Doodles –