NYC Half Marathon 2015

I ran yesterday the NYC Half Marathon! I had a new PR! 2:00:39 !

Couple of weeks ago I was hoping to do a sub 2 for this half but the last 2 weeks were so hard for me. I felt really tired, lots of work, studying and no good sleep.  I was very nervous yesterday morning. But everything turned out to be good! I am really happy with my time.

My next half marathon is in one month. Also 6 weeks from now I have New Jersey Marathon, first one of the year. I am doing 4 marathons this year! Trying really hard to see run2buildschools succeed. ❤ Campaign is going well and I really think next year I’m off to Nepal to build my first school. It’s quite amazing what’s going on inside my heart and head. I have so much coming up, can’t wait to share it all.

Here are some cute pictures from yesterday:


I always prepare my outfit the night before and post it on social media 🙂



I ran into my Team For Kids teammates right before the race.



Me right after I finished.



Finishing line was close to my job so I stopped by to get warm and rest for a few. This is in the lobby of AIG building.



I had a great brunch with my Team For Kids teammate after. It’s always so good to see my friends!



Kathy and I ❤



Ira and I. Funny, Ira is wearing the “Midnight Run” shirt. We did this race together on Jan 1, 2015 at 12 am 🙂



Kathy, Brian and I



With Andre and Jenny



All of us outside the restaurant. I love our energy! We were so happy and funny until we jumped in the subway to go back home. Love all these people!!!


I missed my ice bath yesterday, haha. I must take it today after work! :0)