NYC Marathon 2014

Finally I got a chance to go through my NYC Marathon pictures. Definitely one of the best days of my life!  I ran for Team For Kids. Such an amazing organization. Absolutely love them! 

My family was there and it was just surreal! I was happy every mile despite the brutal weather. It was cold and windy but I felt like I was on cruise control the whole way. I was just so HAPPY!  Thank you so much Michael for taking these amazing pics!


My sweet niece and nephew coming to support me. I ADORE them!!!
















Love the sign and love my nephew! He made it, he was very proud of it!


Alex is holding a sign that my dear friend Ira made for me.


Here I saw my family. Emotions took over, started bawling. It was pretty sweet!



With mom, the love of my life!


I smiled, danced, jumped with joy the whole way!


This is around mile 20 or 21. Still happy and smiling.


Exhausted but happy! First thing I did once I got home had a nice cold beer and hugged my family!

Felt good!