At Rosa’s – Pay It Forward Pizza is Born

Rosa’s Pizza is a place where Pizza lovers Pay It Forward one slice at a time! ❤

Yesterday I officially started ARK – Acts of Random Kindness by paying a visit with my friends to  Rosas’s Pizza in Philadelphia! Mason Wartman is the owner of Rosa’s Pizza. Below is his beautiful story that I first saw on Ellen’s show. His story touched me so much that I decided to go to Philadelphia, show my support to Mason’s cause and pay it forward by buying slices of pizza for those in need. It was such a humbling experience. And the pizza is so good!!!


My friends and I spent the whole day in Philly. I had my Rebel T2i camera and I took some really nice shots that captured our fun day trip! I made few collages and applied different filters on few pictures. I like doing that.

IMG_4524Lindsey and I at the bus station in Philly. You can see our excitement. I brought my sun glasses with me. 🙂


IMG_4560Our day started in China Town. I was so impressed by how clean it was. Lots of small shops and yummy restaurants. I loved it!


Philly3_blogHere are some of our experiences in China Town. We had Taiwanese beef noodle soup for breakfast. It was a lot of food, not expensive and it was delicious! I love the shots of Lindsey and Victoria hiding behind the cookies 🙂


Philly1_blogVictoria took some really cute shots of Lindsey and I having fun with my silly glasses. I did bring some funny things with me. 😉


Philly2_blogWe visited Betsy Ross House, Benjamin Franklyn’s last resting place, National Constitution Center, and Independence Visitor Center.


IMG_4563 I bought this pretty dress from a very cute vintage store and I wore it for the rest of the day. I love it!


IMG_1232Can you guess what American President I am? 🙂 Here are few hints: this President has an engineering background, has been awarded The Nobel Peace Price and is alive!


IMG_4567I finally made it to Rosa’s Pizza! I was so HaPpY! ❤


IMG_1234THIS is AMAZING!!! The Pay-It-Forward Pizza program started about a year ago. Paying customers can buy slices of pizza for homeless and those in need. It reminded me of the “suspended coffee” idea that started few years back. It’s a beautiful human concept. I adore it. Caring and kindness are at its purest form. At Rosa’s, customers can also leave stickers with supporting, loving, and inspirational thoughts. All those stickers are notes that strangers left for those in need. ❤


IMG_4558Rosa’s Pizza is a place full of Love and good Pizza!


IMG_4564This is right in front of the store by Ellen’s sign. 🙂


IMG_1231Some of the food we tried: Cheese Steak Sandwich, Salty stick pretzels with mustard (Yum), lemon sorbet, and some good cold beer.

It was such a beautiful day! I’m so happy I finally got the chance to go to Philly, see the city, have pizza at Rosa’s and Pay It Forward. I’m also so excited about ARK! I’ve been reading about stories of ordinary people doing random acts of kindness and I love the idea of sharing it. Let kindness become contagious! ❤